The benefits of massage

For thousands of years massage has been used as a natural way to treat and prevent many ailments.  

By applying warming, stretching and kneading movements massage can help:

improve circulation, release natural painkillers called endorphins to reduce pain, relieve stress and tension, aid detox and lymph drainage, reduce blood pressure, increase immunity and aid in tissue and muscle repair.

Following a brief consultation, your therapist will put you at ease by discussing your expectations, explaining the treatment plan and answering any questions you may have before the treatment commences.

All massages are tailored to meet your individual health requirements and you may choose from light, medium or firm pressure and relaxing, knot release, deep tissue or pregnancy massage or a combination of more than one!

Choose from our Signature back, neck and shoulder massage, Ladies full body massage, Pregnancy massage or Invigorating leg and foot massage.  

Massage can improve many symptoms including:

  • headaches

  • joint mobility and pain

  • lymphodema

  • fibromyalgia

  • anxiety and mental stress

  • recovery from injury

  • neck and back pain

  • circulation problems

  • postural problems

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