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Ayurveda Face Lift Massage

A popular treatment at many spas and aesthetic centres across the country, the Ayurveda face lift massage provides the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of deep massage and skin tissue manipulation for the face and neck without needles or incisions.

100% natural and non invasive this rejuvenating and extremely relaxing treatment stimulates nerves and muscles below the skin to boost collagen, enhance skin appearance and release tension.  Applying pressure to key marma points releases trapped energy and encourages the removal of toxins and lymphatic fluid.

Everyday worries and strains can cause premature ageing, the formation of wrinkles, loss of muscle tone and sagging skin.  Releasing these tensions with regular treatments can help defy the signs of ageing process.

A variety of flowing massage techniques are applied to the face, neck and shoulders using facial oil, followed by a highly relaxing scalp massage.  

Ayurveda Face Lift Massage may:

- reduce wrinkles, under eye bags and expression lines

- relieve stress and tension of the surrounding muscles

- enhance a positive, confident expression

- relax the face and give a vibrant appearance

- tone and improve complexion

- boost the immune system and removes toxins

- enhances a feeling of well-being

- promotes total relaxation

- be excellent for tension headaches, eyestrain and stress related symptoms

- result in a youthful looking face

- tighten facial contours

- instil a sense of calmness, release of anxiety and clearer thinking


In order to retain the new muscle tone and to get the best results possible, Ayurveda Face Lift Massage treatments are recommended initially at weekly intervals for 6 weeks to get the skin to an optimum condition followed by monthly maintenance sessions.


Please note makeup will be removed during treatment and hair will be dishevelled and wild but you will look and feel amazing!

Please let us know if you wear contact lenses.


Ayurveda meaning 'life science' is based on ancient holistic beliefs and methods from India dating back 5000 years.    Ayurveda massage works to unblock Marma energy centres in the body which due to external influences such as stress, tension, lack of rest and eating the wrong foods cause problems in the body and mind.  

A 60 minute treatment costs just £35.